Why ETXTV?  
East Texas Television specializes in local broadcasting and reaches the underserved markets of regional East Texas.  Founded by the Gaston family of Trinity, Texas, a family known as a Texas Broadcasting legend.  The Gaston family founded the Press Club of Amarillo, Texas, founded the Houston Chronicle's digital online video infrastructure, founded the world's first public library for daily broadcast news and were part of Houston's first HD Broadcasts.  The Gaston family has been in television since it was radio and now is creating digital online networks like this to serve rural markets nationwide..

The East Texas Television staff has worked on award-winning productions for some of the largest companies and media outlets across the globe  and now brings that experience to the Greater East Texas Region.  Let us help you create video productions that bring your vision to life.

Commercials?  Sponsorships?  Advertising?  
The East Texas Television staff has produced creative campaigns for some of the largest companies and municipalities in the world. We pride ourselves on maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration.

We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of creatives with the diverse skills needed to solve any problem. No project is too big or too small. 

The best thing about working with ETXTV as a sponsor or advertiser is that any productions we produce for your business are yours to keep!  Take the videos and put them on your website!  Use the videos in your office lobby, digital signage, etc!  We will work with you to produce digital content and commercials that serve your business on all levels!

We are always looking for ways to help your business grow.  Let us show you how to get your business noticed and your name branded as the only game in town!


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